How to Maintain Your Vintage Area Rugs

If you are proud owner of one of PRG Rugs’s vintage area rugs, congratulations!  We offer our own high quality rug cleaning services but if you want some daily maintenance tips, read on!

Don’t Over Vacuum

Modern vacuums can be extremely strong and as a result, running a vacuum over your vintage area rugs can damage them. This is especially true if you lay your vintage area rugs over a hard floor. For a wool rug, you will want to use a carpet sweeper. If you really need to vacuum it yourself, use a canister vacuum and set the beater bar high so there’s less abrasion. Also, vacuum in a side to side motion so you don’t grab at any fringe. Another great tip is to take the rug outside and vacuum the back side of it. Embedded dirt can cause wear and tear to the fibers, over time. You should also take this time to vacuum the top. If there a lot of dust poofs, you will need to take your vintage area rugs to us so we can properly wash it!

Wash It Often But Not Too Often

Even if your vintage area rugs don’t look dirty, you will still want to wash them at least once a year. The more you wait; the built up dust and other particles can start to sink into the fibers. They get pushed down by gravity and the weight of people walking on it. The dirt slowly pulls at the fibers and causes the rug to go bare. Even with a good rubber pad underneath, the buildup of dirt can be damaging to your vintage area rugs. Make sure to sweep underneath the rug, beat it out, and wash it!

Avoid Putting Things on Your Rug

Sometimes, people make the mistake of putting too much furniture and especially, plants, on their rugs. This can cause damage because the area where there is nothing on the rug does not get air flow to it. Especially with wool, the rug might feel dry but moisture can seep to the bottom, cause mildew, and turn to dry rot.


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