How to Pick the Best Area Rug

If you are about to purchase a high quality area rug from PRG Rugs, you might be overwhelmed by the options and styles you can choose from. Read on to learn some tips for picking the best area for your needs!


When you buy an area rug, you are buying a high quality product that if you maintain correctly, it can last you a lifetime. When looking for a new rug, you will want to look for the best quality you can afford. Silk and wool rugs are expensive but they are built to last. Wool rugs wear well and will still look great over time. Sisal, jute, and grass rugs look great, cost less, but do not last long. They are also hard to clean and if you spill anything such as wine, you will probably have to throw it out.


When you are deciding on a size for your new area rug, you might want to follow the rule of picking a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall of the room. If you are selecting a rug that you plan to place near a door, you will want to open the door and measure from where the door rests when it’s swung open. If you are placing the area rug underneath a table, you will want to make sure it is at least 18 inches beyond the table. This way you can accommodate for any chairs you may use.


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