How an Area Rug Can Prove the Subtle Focal Point of a Room

Although it’s often located under a table, sofa, or even bed, the area rug in your living room, dining room, family room, office, or bedroom is more important to the overall aesthetic of a room than you might have considered. When placed on hardwood floors, they provide protection and some comfort for your feet — and they can even lengthen the lifespan of your carpets when placed in carpeted rooms. However, an area rug is not just practical; it’s also a subtle but essential focal point to a room’s décor.

A Conduit of Color

When searching for area rugs in Manchester, NH, residents who head to PRG Rugs are guaranteed to find the perfect conduit of color to add to their rooms. A rug can absorb or reflect the overall color scheme of the room depending on the color and pattern you choose, complementing the décor as a whole.

Liven Up the Floors

While hardwood floors are beautiful, they can seem a bit drab if uninterrupted for the space of an entire room. Covering a large portion in the center of a room with a rug breaks up the neutral browns of hardwood floors or the stagnant color or pattern of the carpet with another color or pattern to give the room a more active look.

Subtly Draws the Eye to the Center

Place your area rug in the center of the room or at the center of a cluster of furniture, such as in the middle of an arrangement of chairs and a sofa, and the eye can instinctively pinpoint the centerpiece of the whole design.


We stock numerous styles for area rugs in Manchester, NH, at PRG Rugs that you’re sure to find the ideal focal point for every room in your house. Our designers and craftspeople also offer custom handmade rugs to perfectly fit in with any décor. Call us today at 603-882-5604 or stop by our showroom to learn more.