How Using Area Rugs Can Help Your Family

Aside from adding a splash of color to your bedroom or living room or hallway, a vintage area rug offers many other great benefits:

Benefit #1: Hide That Annoying Stain

For anyone with kids or pets or if there are family members who seem to be a bit accident prone, protecting against stains and spills can be a top priority. An area rug may be just the solution that you are looking for and can be much more affordable than expensive stain treatments and replacing carpet in stained areas.

Benefit #2: Add Warmth

Area rugs provide an added layer of insulation and can actually help keep your home warmer for longer and helps keep your floors warm in the winter months. In fact, carpets and rugs offer as much as 10 times the heat retention and insulation as hardwood flooring, thus reducing your heating bill and creating a cozy, warm place to enjoy time with friends and family.

Benefit #3: Room Makeover

Adding in a vintage area rug or two can be a quick and easy way to add new life to a room. It is surprising to many homeowners when they see just how much better a new rug can make a room look. A simple rug can make a space look like a whole new room and for a fraction of the price of a room remodel or makeover.

Benefit #4: Keep Kids Safe

For a home with little ones learning to walk and toddlers running around all the time, a secure added vintage area rug can be a blessing. It protects little heads and knees and bottoms from the falls that come with learning to walk and adds a cushion to the lives of toddlers who are prone for trips and falls as they play and explore.


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