In Stock and Custom Pieces

The market is filled with endless options for those looking for a beautiful new area rug for their home. If you or your client is looking for something different, turn to us at PRG for in stock area rugs in all styles and price ranges and well as custom rug creation. As the leading fine rug dealer in Nashua, New Hampshire, we proudly feature a full selection of styles for customers throughout the area and all of New England. Our goal is to deliver a stunning product that meets the wants and needs of each of our clients without sacrificing quality.

For Designers

Your Custom Rug Creation

Sometimes, what you see on the market just doesn’t cut it. When you want to bring your tastes, designs, and feelings to life, a custom rug creation allows you to make a long-lasting piece for your home. Decorators and designers are very important to us, and the experts at our rug gallery work with customers from all over the northeast who know our commitment to service first hand. Product knowledge takes the work out of design work.

Whether you bring your client into our store or ask us to visit their space, you can be sure we will offer our expertise in the most professional manner and help cement the relationship, in deference to your lead. In addition to helping your client choose from the vast selection of rugs available in our store, we can also seek out rugs that satisfy particular size, pattern, or color desires. We can even have a custom area or Oriental rug created. Our relationship with importers and producers of fine rugs places us among the select few dealers in the country who can achieve this with confidence.

Its All in the Details

When your client is making a big investment in a decorative piece, the details matter. If custom is the only option, we will help you and your client with size, design, colors, and materials. While you cannot rush order our hand-knotted rugs, we do feature a wide range of options for your creation.

Our designers meet with you or your client to discuss the details of the project at hand. Once the rug decision is made, we’ll quote you a fair price. Then, we’ll arrange for the creation of your rug through our extensive network of producers, and monitor progress as it is created.

Contact the showroom today to speak with our staff about the details of your order!  Our custom rug creation service is available for designers and clients throughout New England.