Purchasing a beautiful Oriental rug is a big investment. Protect it with the services from PRG in Nashua, New Hampshire. Our team is available to assist you in the event of rug damage. No matter what the cause of the damage is, we work with you to file your personal property insurance claim. Our team is happy to work with every major insurance company in the area for your needs. Turn to us today to make the claims process go smoothly.

Handling Your Rug Damage

From a flood to a fire, there are a number of situations that can cause severe damage to your rugs. Each of these causes can lead to a range of issues for your luxury piece. With our services, you do not have to deal with the stress associated with working with your insurance company. Our team is available to assist you throughout every step of the claims process.

Filing Your Rug Insurance Claims

Working with insurance claims departments after you deal with a fire, puff back, water damage, or any major disaster can be a highly stressful undertaking. In many cases, area rugs are involved in all states of damage and disrepair. An insurance adjuster will require an appraisal by an experienced rug appraiser. Sometimes the bill of sale is not enough or cannot be found. In many cases, the damaged rugs have been in the family for a long time. You may not know if they are worth the price of cleaning or repairing, or if you would be better off claiming them as a total loss.

At PRG, we work with every major insurance company on any insurance claim involving area rugs, carpeting, and flooring, along with all major restoration companies all over New England. Our team is available to pick up the rug on site, dry the rug if it is wet, establish the value, then decide if it is worth cleaning or if it is a total loss. We communicate every option to the client and insurance adjuster. If the rug is worth saving, we use all of our expertise to get it back to the way it looked before the damage. Give our name and number to you adjuster and let us take care of the rest. Please call or email us today if you would like more information on our claims services.

Contact our company in Nashua, New Hampshire, to learn about our services for your personal property insurance claim.