Fix any damage to your classic décor pieces when you undergo a rug repair from PRG. Our specialists perform rug repairs in Nashua, New Hampshire, for nearly any issue. We are available to assist with both minor and major problems such as fringe and edge repair. If your antique rug is starting to wear down or unravel, we make it look new again with our services.

Working with Us for Your Area Rug Repair

Over time, even the most beautiful rug will start to show signs of wear. Just as you cannot drive a car for 100,000 miles without undergoing regular maintenance, you cannot expect a rug to last forever with repairing small issues. Our area rug repair services are designed to take care of minor issues before they develop into major problems.

Just about every area rug will need some repair at some point in its life. Whether it is machine made or hand knotted, we can advise you on the proper hand or machine repairs. In some cases, the rug is not worth the cost of fixing. We are available to assist with both minor repairs and major restoration. Simply email us with photos of your rugs and the areas in question.

The Most Common Rug Repairs

Damage to your rugs can be caused by a wide range of reasons. No matter what the cause of the problem is, our team works carefully to make your rug look new again. Our experienced staff has worked on thousands of pieces throughout the years, and we make sure to treat your runner with care throughout every step of the repair.

We perform a full series of Oriental and Persian rug restoration and repair services, including the following effective options:

  • Replacement Fringe: Sew pre-made fringe over existing fringe or on the end of the rug. This service can be done via hand sewing or machine.
  • Unravel & Overcast: Unravel worn ends to create fringe out of the foundation of the rug. An overcast stitch from the back prevents future unraveling.
  • Re-wrapped Edges: This service involves hand wrapping wool edges.
  • Surging: This service involves working with machine-wrapped edges.
  • Handsewn Patch: Sew a patch into a rug by using a piece of rug that is of like kind, color, and quality.
  • Latex Patch: Glue a patch into a rug, using a piece of rug that is of like kind, color, and quality.
  • Re-knapping: replacing pile to work areas.
  • Re-weaving: weaving areas with holes and missing foundation.
  • Size reduction:  reducing the size of a runner or rug.
  • Preparing a rug for hanging:  sewing binding with brass rod to hang on a wall.