Turn back the clock on your area rugs when you bring them to us at PRG. We specialize in rug restoration services all over New England. When cleaning just doesn’t get the job done, we have the artisans and expertise to make your rug look beautiful again. Turn to us for a full evaluation and to schedule your services.

Minor & Major Rug Restorations

Over time, all pieces require a rug cleaning or repair. In some cases, your rugs could be in need of major restorations to undo damage caused by a variety of factors. Restoration services are designed to preserve your hand-knotted, antique rugs.

At PRG we have a workshop in Turkey that employs 70 Artisans. These Artisans focus on restoring antique rugs, investment quality rugs, or high-end damaged rugs to their original look and feel. Our Artisans are masters at matching color, re-weaving, re-knapping holes, and restoring ends and edges to the original look and fee.


Restoration Of Bokhara Before Picture


Restoration Bokhara After

Persian Rug Restoration for Your Antiques

Vintage and antique rugs are dying due to improper care. In the past, many generations felt that rugs would last forever, even if you do not take care of them. We have learned that this is simply not true. Certain rugs are so rare, collectible, or valuable that we need restoration to keep them alive and allow them to be collectible and valuable forever.

When you bring your piece to our team, we will look at the damaged rug, establish what the market and replacement value is before and after the restoration, and walk the client through all the steps taken to assure them they are getting the best work possible. Just as we offer for our repair services, you can email us photos so we can evaluate your rug before you ever bring it into the store.

Contact our gallery to discuss your rug restoration services in Nashua, New Hampshire. We are happy to offer rug restoration for clients throughout New England.