As beautiful as your rug is, it may not be something that you keep out on a constant basis. If you are looking for reliable rug storage in Nashua, New Hampshire, let PRG provide you with the service you need. We are happy to offer bonded rug storage for all types of Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs. With our specialty options, you do not have to worry about mold, rot, moth damage, or creases for your luxury piece.

Prevent Problems with Our Rug Storage Service

Are you in the process of moving? Is your home currently undergoing renovations? No matter what the reasons for your storage needs are, it is important that you follow the proper process to care for your rugs. When your rug is not being used, a vital step to take to maintain your piece’s beauty and value is proper storage.

At PRG, we find that many of our clients use improper methods to store their rugs. In fact, it is very common to see that our customers have rugs rolled up and wrapped in plastic in their attics or basements. If your rug is old or has no value, this is typically not an issue. However, sometimes a beautiful antique or family heirloom can be ruined by improper storage.

The Right Process for Area Rug Storage

When your rug is not in use, ensure that it is properly cared for when you work with us for your storage services. We are happy to offer our rug cleaning and storage services for most runners, area rugs, and other pieces. Our team follows the proper process to guard against the threat of mold and other issues.

All stored rugs should be wrapped for storage in brown paper or breathable synthetic paper. The rugs should be moth treated, and then stored in a cool dry area. One benefit of having our staff store your rugs is that your pieces will be opened, inspected, and vacuumed twice a year. Our storage is covered by insurance and is temperature and climate controlled. Please e-mail or call if you would like more information on storing rugs or our on-site storage options.

Contact us to use our services for your rug storage in Nashua, New Hampshire. We are available year round to assist with your area rug storage.